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Student Testimonials

“It was an awesome session. I had attended a few motivational classes some years back, but this looked quite different and interesting. The class was filled with interesting jokes and few funny moments which made the session more enjoyable. Thank you very much for your session and I hope to attend more of your sessions in future. It was such a wonderful positive energy to me, I suppose, to everyone else too. So, keep it up. Thank you so much”. - Geroge Mathew, Centennial College Canada

“The lecture was excellent; mainly because Mr. Patel’s attitude translated the main message of his presentation .e.g: It is clear that he is passionate about his work, he is confident, self-motivated, and has an excellent sense of humor and much more. Besides his happiness in doing this was “contagious” .By having fun we could learn a lot that will certainly affect our lives from now on, and also our attitudes will affect those surround us”. - Cristiane .U. R. Silva, Centennial College Canada

“The session was very interactive. The presentation was motivational and inspiring. Thanks for your advice, kind words and the opportunities to laugh at the smallest of things. Change is inevitable so as I transition to a new environment I am confident that with humility and self believing all things are possible”. - Coraly Campsell Rojas, Centennial College Canada

“Mr. Minocher Patel is very passionate in his talk and made me feel passionate too about my goals and myself. He made an important point that can be forgotten by us: Reminding us how good we are and how good we can be if we look at ourselves and try to strive to do the best for the people we have loved and the world”. - Danielle .C. Barp, Centennial College Canada

“You are very interesting to listen to, since you are a charismatic person, with a very Professional way of delivering your message.” - Carol Magussonur, AIESEC student in Zurich

“Your workshop was a great confidence booster. Your style of interacting is remarkable, with a fantastic sense of humor.” - Deepali Talim, Management Student, SIBM

“Mind blowing experience Sir. I personally will remember this program for the rest of my life. Your energy was a true source of motivation. Hats off to you Sir”! - Neeraj Kumar Jha, Management Student, SIBM

“ This program has made me aware of most of the aspects/etiquettes that I did not pay attention to during my first job. This program has motivated me to have clear goals to sustain my ambitions and keep working hard till I do not get the desired result. Thank you Sir for energizing us and showing us what true confidence really is.” - Aarushi Mittal, Management Student, SIBM

“Listening to Mr. Minocher Patel was once in a lifetime opportunity. He is a great human being leading by example. He is an excellent trainer and a great motivator. Never thought a few days of training would change me. - Sourav Dutta, Management Student, SIBM

“ The sessions were enlightening and motivating, inspiring all of us to inculcate key values and principles and to be a better human being. The corporate training conducted by Mr. Patel is going to help us climb our success ladder in future. The program has made us realize the key aspects that we lack and were not aware about. Thank you Sir.” - Ankit More, Management Student, SIBM

“I love the delivery style of Mr. Patel. He speaks so confidently, adds humor, answers everybody’s queries and gives practical solutions. He is an amazing orator and it’s fun to be in his class.” - Vikram Chadha, Management Student, SCMHRD

“I think your magic worked on me. If I ever become successful in my life, I will owe it to you.” - Haricharan, Management Student, Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management

“You have influenced my life in a great way. You have changed my way of thinking. You are my role model.” - Rishi Kaiwart, Management Student, Indira Group of Institute

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins. Not through strength but through perseverance. The session we had with Mr. Minocher Patel at our institute made me realize all this. He left us with a strange smile. A smile that comes to me whenever I think of it” - Sharad Aggarwal, 24 Years, NITIE

“You are very interesting to listen to, since you are a charismatic person, with a very Professional way of delivering your message.” - Carol Magussonur, AIESEC student from Zurich

Simplicity: You explain us in simple and clear terms according to the level of student.
Style: You adopted flexible style to communicate your opinions with us. You went in depth to adopt the style of 20’s, irrespective of your sincere image. That really helped me understand you like a family member.
Purity: Your opinions helped every one of us. You solved our problems like it was one of yours. This few days program has changed my life. The training days are the most precious days of my life. Every thought, every statement of yours would be my first priority. I promise that everything thing that you taught us I will implement it throughout my life. Hats-off to you sir. You are doing great job in your life .I wish you best of luck. Thank you very much. - Suman. G. , Saibalaji Group of Institutes Pune

“Sir, it was the best learning week at SBES for me, I have attended many motivational lectures but no one connected well to me as much as you did. The point of learning was so deep and so small (in the sense, that never clicked my mind) to improve in our lives. I never knew that becoming extraordinary could just be by controlling all the little things in life, it was such a great experience. The best thing that learned in these few days was about “Me”. I never knew that writing 10 lines about me would be immensely difficult. Thanks to you that, now I can write an essay about myself. I will never forget your humor, your teachings and your keys points. I will be a good human being and a better professional in my life. Thank you” - Shubham jaiswal, Saibalaji Group of Institutes Pune

“I really enjoyed your workshop .In the past I have attended more than 15 workshops but this was the best. All of us really like the way you deliver the speech as it is full of meaning, moral and fun”. - Rohit Sutar, Ness Wadia College Pune

“One of the best motivational speech/ workshop I have attended, very inspirational. The way Sir spoke with humor, entertained all of us. A speaker should always impart his knowledge and wisdom with fun activities and stories which I think Sir has accomplished. This lecture has made me a better person. I will try to implement his teachings to lead a better and goal oriented life”. - Maria. Shabbir,Ness Wadia College Pune

“Thank you for coming. I got to learn so much from you. It changed the way I think and the attitude I had towards life. Will try to implement all of it in the coming years. The USP of your training, it solved many quires in my life. After your training program my life has a purpose”. - Prachi.Vig, Bharti Vidyapeeth University of Management and Research, New Delhi

“This session has changed me a lot .I am thankful to our college BVIMR and our Director Sir who welcomed us with a great and inspiring motivational, educational program. Mr. Minocher Patel is the best motivational speaker I have come across. He is the best at his work. His simplicity, humbleness, kindness and the person he is are inspiring qualities. I am highly motivated and inspired by his teachings about life. I respect him a lot and now I look up to him as my role model. He has got a supreme sense of humor. I feel lucky, inspired and blessed to have attended this training program. He adds value to our lives. I have started implementing many things and I promise to be a positive person in life. I have conquered over my weaknesses and converted them into my strengths. Thank you”. - Vrinda.Rahija, Bharti Vidyapeeth University of Management and Research, New Delhi

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