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Effective Selling Skills/Sales Training Program

Our Effective Selling Skills Program is one of the best Effective Selling Skills Programs in India which is recommended and highly beneficial for Sales and Marketing professional

Duration : 2 Days

Program Outline

Importance of Confidence for Effective Sales Professionals

  • Confidence Building
  • Self Awareness and Self Analysis

The Power of Positive Thinking for Effecting Selling Skills

  • Auto Suggestion
  • Visualization

The Power of  Positive Attitude for Effective Selling

  • Taking Initiative
  • Being Innovative

Importance of Etiquette for being Effective Sales Professional

  • Business Etiquette and Protocol
  • Correct Introduction
  • Telephone Etiquette

Understanding the Sales Process (for Freshers & Junior Staff)

  • Effective Planning, Opening and Closing of a Sales Deal

Effective Communication for Successful Selling

  • Power of Non-Verbal Communication
  • Body Language
  • Power of Listening
  • Power of Words

Customer Relationship Building

  • 7 Tips for Effective People Skills
  • Power of Strokes
  • Handling Resistance and Objections

Art of Effective Self Presentation

  • Importance of Personal Grooming

Programme Objectives

This Program will

  • Help them benefit from increased confidence and a more positive attitude towards their work and customers.
  • Make them have both, the motivation and the “Advanced Sales and Service Skills” needed to deliver consistently.
  • Improve their interpersonal and relationship management skills and their ability to work in a team.
  • Improve their ability to communicate effectively.
  • Importance of Etiquette Quotient for better sales.

*Please note that we can further custom design the program as per your requirement.*
Methodology:Lectures, Exercises, Tests, Role-Plays, Video Playback & Feedback
Please Note this program can be customized, based on the profile of the participants and the learning and development needs of the participants as identified by the organization.
Recommended Number of Participants: Ideal – 20
At The End of The Program: All the participants will receive Ecole Solitaire 'Effective Selling Skills Program'Certificate of Participation.
Program Director:
Minocher Patel
Founder Director, Ecole Solitaire.

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