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International Business Etiquette

Learn the art and science of corporate grooming, etiquettes and a wholesome radiating image

Minocher reveals the most modern and up-to-date corporate grooming and business etiquette rules, formulas, and techniques of today’s contemporary corporate world. For over 20+ years now, Minocher, considered amongst the best international business etiquette trainers in the country, has trained over 200,000 professionals from Global CEO’s to middle and junior managemnet executives. Leverage his immense subject-matter expertise with this new expanded, illustrated 3 days corporate grooming and business etiquette program.

Leadership skills and Image coaching program

Supercharge your capability to lead and influence while equipping yourself and your team for consistent high-performance, impact and results

Getting to the top and staying there and leading a diverse, multigenerational team in this age of disruption demands more than just leadership skills. The bedrock foundation of a great leader is a versatile character – an amalgam of values, clarity of purpose, resilience, beliefs, and a magnetic persona. Harnessing a multitude of significant resources – intellectual, financial, social, spiritual, and emotional- Minocher will take your leaders to a wholesome transformation combining leadership and image coaching. Thus empowering your leaders with capability, mindset, tools and vision they need to lead their life and inspire and produce high-performing teams, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver high value to customers and stake holders.

Effective Leadership Skills Program

Empower your leaders with new-age leadership skills needed to effectively lead the multi-generational team in an ever-evolving marketplace

The marketplace is fast, ever-evolving, and disruptive, and teams are now more diverse and multigenerational. And to lead in this new-age, the leaders must be able to harness a multitude of significant resources – intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional. After closely working with hundreds of super-successful leaders, Minocher has identified the core-principles and attributes that distinguish ordinary leaders from the one who consistently produces Big results. This comprehensive leadership skills program will equip your leaders to lead their life and inspire and build high-performing teams, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver high value to customers and stakeholders.

Personal Effectiveness Program

Training for self-mastery, impact, efficiency, productivity and success thinking

Why do some beginners to mid-level professionals produce better results, stay motivated, and move up the ladder faster and other struggle, underperform and even quit? It comes down to their attitude, self-belief, confidence, ability to work in a team, ability to communicate, and more. In short, it comes down to their personal effectiveness. Let Minocher Patel, India’s leading corporate trainer, empower your people for higher productivity, better results, and more work satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Skills

How to build long-term customer relationship for better growth, sustainability, and profitability

As the cost of acquiring new customers is ever-increasing, no organization can ever succeed or build an edge without establishing customer relationship their utmost strategic priority. The gold lies in building winning, satisfying, long term relationships with the customers. This specially designed two days program focuses on mindset, skills, customer’s psychology, expectation, and buying behaviors.

Effective Time Management

Get more productive, organized and focused with these tools, approaches, and mindset

With multiple projects, multiple roles, and looming deadlines, it becomes so crucial to manage time effectively. This program equips your people with the tools and techniques needed to prioritize work, reduce time wastage, and boost productivity without compromising the quality of work and missing deadlines.

Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

How to hook your audience attention and speak with total confidence, authority, and flair while creating a positive impact

Most people, including many top executives, dread public speaking. They find it challenging to share their ideas even if they have tremendous knowledge, skills, and experience. Multi-award winning speaker Minocher reveals a step-by-step system on how to get rid of the fear, grip the audience’s attention, engage them, build trust, connect with them, manage the energy and present your ideas with passion, enthusiasm, and total clarity.

Communication Skills

Learn to express with clarity, effectively and with total confidence

Effective communication, whether written or oral, has a direct impact on the team’s productivity and effectiveness. Learn the interpersonal and communication skills needed to deal with every group, every individual, or every occasion.

Train the Trainer

Leverage your skills, knowledge, and experience to transform others while presenting your unique voice and authentic self

How to create real transformation? How to engage and energize the participants, glue them, share complex ideas, build trust and credibility? How to share your knowledge with passion and enthusiasm? Minocher distills his two decades of training experience into a step by-step system that will save the participants from years of trial, error, and wasted efforts.

Telephone Etiquette

Learn the techniques to talk to anyone on the phone with confidence, clarity, effectively and a positive, cheerful attitude

How to build an instant rapport? How to influence with a positive attitude and positive thinking? The Dos and Don’ts. How to deal with difficult people? How to leverage the power of nonverbal communication? Let your tone, speed, and volume present a positive, cheerful, confident self. This updated, practical program designed rightly for your front office staff, receptionists, secretaries, telephone operators, customer service staff and support function staff.

"Enjoyed and learned a lot. Thanks for making me learn at this advanced age also. I wish I could have met you ten years earlier."
Champa. G, Sr. Manager, Ceylon Tea Board, Colombo

“Very well presented with a lot of practical examples. Learnt that knowing is not enough, it is the implementation that matters.”
Ajay Chowdhary, Sr. Vice President, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

" In one word ‘Excellent’! I had the opportunity to take part in different leadership workshops before but I must admit that this was the best because Mr. Patel made it very enjoyable and interesting. "
Mr. Sazzad, Managing Director, SYNGENTA. Bangladesh

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