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What is your driving force? What triggers you to live a life of passion?

Minocher always has had an unstoppable desire to create a positive, dramatic difference in other’s life.

In the year 1988, Minocher attended train the trainer program in Germany and Finland. And he immediately discovered how he could leverage his skills, creating an enormous impact, helping others in personal growth and development.

Ever since, he has lived his passion for training and coaching. He deeply understood that he had been gifted and transforming others’ lives, helping them live up to their full potential, has been his mission.

Minocher says, “It wasn’t easy. But I continuously honed my skills to become an internationally acclaimed speaker and trainer.
The life lessons he has learned: “Be humble. Be happy and spread happiness. Respect the divinity. Inspire others from your work. Trust law of karma. Work hard for your dreams,” always stood by him and helped him bring immense clarity and simplicity in everything he does.
And obviously, it has always inspired him to deliver exceptional value and bring meaningful differences in the lives of people he has been privileged to impact.

After graduating in management from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune, and working for five years with Vadilal as Brand Manager and handling country manager's responsibilities for Bahrain, Oman and Qatar for two years with FSL, Dubai, Minocher found a powerful urge to start on his own.

In 1998 Minocher started Ecole Solitaire, which has been featured in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for being India’s India’s First Residential Finishing School’.

Soon he began developing actionable, multifaceted training programs for corporates, colleges, and entrepreneurs.

Minocher also established himself as India’s most respected and recognized authority in Image coaching.

After working with thousands of super achievers in colleges and the organization from entry-level to the boardroom, he discovered the core principles of what makes an ordinary person produce extraordinary results.

“Each of us has the potential, but for most of us, it is unearthed and unexplored,” says Minocher.

Minocher started delivering motivational programs, transferring these core principles of ‘being extraordinary’ using his lively, humorous style as his strategic weapon to bypass their preconceived notions.

Minocher says, “Every one of us is meant to do something great. You need to harness this greatness. The majority settles for mediocrity. If you choose, you can leap from the ordinariness and live your fondest dreams and serve your family, your organization, and society.

Since Minocher has been actively training and coaching for over two decades now, across the hierarchy from college students to mid-level managers to the CEOs, it gives him an unprecedented advantage to see and connect things from different paradigms unseen by others.

And so he has been able to equip people with thinking, actions, behaviors, and mindset, while connecting the dots across the organization, making his training more meaningful - producing significant, sustained results.

His book “Ordinary to Extraordinary” is a national bestseller.

The impact of his work attracted respect and recognition internationally. Minocher has received multiple awards and been written about in several national and international publications like Times of India, Economic Times, Indian Express, Outlook, DNA, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, and dozens of more.

What Minocher believes

He believes in power of happiness. A happy leader makes a happy organization.

He believes in the power of humility. You must respect others to gain respect.

He believes in the power of ethical values. Integrity takes you to summon mountains.

He believes in the power of likability. If only people like you they will buy your ideas.

He believes in the power of credibility.You have to be a role model and walk the talk.

He believes in the power of emotional stability. To handle challenges, turbulence and uncertainty.

He believes in the power of the law of karma. As you sow, so shall you reap.

He believes in the power of kaizen. Make consistent daily improvements.

He believes in power self-motivation. Find your ‘WHY’; no one else will do it for you.

He believes in the power of a positive attitude. To see and recognize opportunity even in a difficult situation.

He believes in the power of resilience. Anything worthwhile demands spirit and toughness.

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