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Best Leadership Skills and Image Coaching Program

Effective leadership skills are a must-have for any executive in today's highly competitive business environment. As an experienced executive, you have undoubtedly shown leadership skills and strength to get where you are. Nonetheless, in a business world that changes faster than ever before, you should ask yourself - is this enough? How do you know how effective your leadership skills are - and more importantly, is it possible to get better Effective Leadership Skills
Never have business leaders at all levels been more challenged. After so much change and uncertainty, many employees have become disengaged. Global complexity and increased competition require frequent strategy updates. Leadership development is critical to equipping your leaders with the capability, tools, knowledge, and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy, achieve results, and deliver value to customers and shareholders.

SO what do we as India's Best Leadership and Image Coach have to offer

  • Leadership content that drives business impact
  • Full leadership development curriculum for every experience level
  • Research-based leadership programs with proven results
  • A common process and language throughout the organization
  • A systems approach that cultivates a coaching environment
  • An approach to sustainability that extends learning for business results
  • Rigorous evaluation ensuring ROI
  • A combination of the right leadership development content and right technology

Leadership Character is comprised of values, characteristics, and clarity of purpose. It is expressed in consistency of behavior—the degree to which a leader's actions match his or her words.

Character is more critical as one moves toward higher levels of leadership, because people need a leader who is clearly grounded in what he or she stands for, especially in times of change. With so many factors disrupting the work environment today, leaders with a well-developed sense of who they want to be as a leader can provide stability—the consistency of purpose and values that employees need to remain focused and on task, regardless of the level in the organization.

Most leadership development programs focus only on the "Form"—the skills, tasks, and behaviours. Minocher Patel as a Top Leadership and Image Coach India not only excels at equipping leaders with strong skills, but also challenges them to reflect and think critically about their character, values, and beliefs about themselves and their organization. As a result, leaders are better prepared to connect with their direct reports, peers, and senior leaders. This connection enables them to engage and inspire others to execute strategy, innovate, and create the conditions for both high performance and high levels of professional fulfilment.

What Does Life Coaching Entail

Coaching basically helps you move forward on your personal, professional or work life, to achieve goals through by probing the emotional intelligence of the mind and honest dialogue with a confidential and unbiased process partner. Coaching can stabilize your Work Life balance.

Coaching benefits are endless. It takes confidence to realize your dreams

There is one thing common with all successful people, the ability to dream big and make it happen. While we all dream big and want to turn our dreams into reality, the real challenge or the obstacle that prevents us from achieving them is we ourselves. This happens primarily because our mind shows us a hazy path . With strategic thinking one can clear the path to success!

Services to Success

Coaching Throughout the Coaching sessions, we listen attentively and form unbiased steps, to enable you to create your own strategies that empower you in both professional and personal life.
Mentoring Our mentoring is of a different kind. We share knowledge, experience and opinion to enable you to reflect on new ways of approaching situations.

Corporate Training We provide training to corporate organizations on need based parameters, with a proven track record in Leadership Development Training.

Envisage. Explore. Exceed your Expectations.

As a Top Leadership and Image Coach in India, Mr Patel enables you to bring about a permanent positive change for your “Mind, Body & Soul”. Our Meticulous Scientific systems of Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Performance Coaching & Leadership Coaching empower you to achieve clarity on how to Increase Sales, Grow your Business, and extinguish worries and enable you to deal stress and set you on a path-breaking way, the attainment of both personal and business goals.

If you are looking for India's Best Image Coach for your company, Minocher Patel would be the best choice. So, call today and get ready to add more value to your workplace.

*Please note that this program can be further custom designed as per the needs of the organization.*
Training Methodology: Lectures, Role-plays, Self Assessment Tests, Video Playback and Feedback
Recommended Number of Participants: Ideal– 20
At The End of The Program: All the participants will receive Ecole Solitaire 'Effective Leadership Skills Training Program 'Certificate of Participation.
Program Director:
Minocher Patel
Founder Director, Ecole Solitaire.

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